Exquisite Weddings Fall 2019/Winter 2020

108 EXQUISITE WEDDINGS FALL 2019/WINTER 2020 Business brought these lovebirds together. Kristie recruited Jim to his current position. Or as she explains it, “Best placement I ever made.” 05.18.19 | Private Residence | $$$$$ J IM + KRI ST I E Home is clearly where the heart is for Jim and Kristie, who welcomed 140 guests into theirs for their wedding. Both having been married before, their matrimony created a modern-day Brady Bunch—combined, they have three girls and three boys! Fittingly, the nuptials were a full-fledged family a air, with the oldest kids giving heartfelt speeches, and another singing “Fools Rush In” as the bride walked down the aisle. But it was San Diego florist Carlos Franco whom the couple entrusted to get their home into shape for the big day. From the front foyer to the back patio, Franco built a wall of florals to funnel the guests toward the ceremony and reception space in the backyard that had been transformed into a “New Orleans–style secret garden,” complete with a giant twinkle-light tent and an acrylic stage built atop the pool. PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRANDON KIDD REAL WEDDINGS SAN DIEGO