San Diego Health - Fall 2018

28 SAN DIEGO HEALTH | FALL 2018 UPDATE HELPING PEOPLE LIVE THEIR VALUES Planned gifts allow donors to see their good work in action while they’re still here to enjoy it andise Holmlund spends quite a lot of time thinking about money. For her, it’s an occupational hazard. As a partner at Weatherly Asset Management in Del Mar, Holmlund advises people about their wills, trusts and other financial documents as part of their wealth management. She helps them find the right ways to protect their resources and support causes they care about. It’s a highly personalized endeavor, since every family has its own dynamics, goals and concerns. To some degree, Holmlund acts as coun- selor, giving people the tools to determine the best uses for their assets. And for the vast majority of her clients, philanthropy is fundamental. “Most of our clients are charitably inclined, and we’re talking to them con- stantly about estate planning and the c PHILANTHROPY