San Diego Pets - Spring 2019

A NEXT GENERATION VETERINARY HOSPITAL LAPAROSCOPIC (LOVE) SPAYS We brought this minimally invasive spay to San Diego to get your pets through this important rite of passage with 65% less pain and downtime. Your pet can get back to the dog park 3 days after their spay! GOLD STANDARD DENTISTRY 80% of teeth that are extracted in vet hospitals are done wrong. Our "gold standard" dentistry techniques will find more disease and prevent more problems in your pet. 4-YEAR VACCINE PROTOCOLS Most hospitals give their vaccines too often. We chose a vaccine that is guaranteed to last 4 years to minimize the number of vaccines your pet has to get. ANNUAL CANCER SCREENING DAY #Cancersucks. It is even worse if it is found at an advanced stage where few to no good options exist. We offer a first of its kind Annual Cancer Screening Day to help detect cancer at its earliest stages. Questions about modern care? Contact us anytime at WHAT IS NEXT GEN CARE? • (760) 633-2254 434 North Coast Hwy 101 in Encinitas We know your pets are your world. Be sure they are getting the best cutting-edge care for a long healthy life. BRIGHT. HAPPY. MODERN CARE. NEW LOCATION NOW OPEN! 2584 El Camino Real Ste A, Carlsbad